Dominate at Football Camp With These Ten Run Blocking Tips!

Everyone knows that good results in football starts up front, with the offensive line. Nowhere is that concept more apparent than when considering running the football. Now, if you are an offensive lineman getting yourself ready for the season we have an article for you. Here, in our earliest “online football camp” segment we’ll outline the ten most significant strategies to have in mind when dealing a crushing run block. All of the methods are going to be explored in a traditional football camp (and a lot more), but right here we’re sticking to the 10 best. Make use of these and your opponents are going to be overpowered and you shall be guaranteed victory!

Tip 1 – Start using a balanced stance

Should you be off-balance just before you start off, you will be off-balance whenever you engage your opponent. A superb run block starts using a balanced stance. Firstly, your head will have to be up. You should be able to see the majority of your opponent’s body. Next, your back really should be parallel to the ground. Your rear and head really should be level with one another.

Remember to keep your feet shoulder width apart with one foot (whichever is most suitable) back. The back foot shouldn’t be too far back. That can cause you to take larger steps to come out of your stance and you will be off-balance.

Tip 2 – Anticipate the snap

Practice with a large dummy or blocking bag either within the weight room or on the practice field. Have your quarterback, coach or buddy speak a cadence and repeatedly attempt and anticipate the snap of the ball. Attack immediately. The faster it is possible to come out of the stance and attack the defender, the more quickly you can start to take manipulate of their center of gravity. Try to remember, attack rapidly! If you can get good at anticipating the snap, you’ll be able to have some element of surprise when you hit your opponent just before they’ve got a chance to come out of their stance.

Tip 3 – Be aggressive, explode out of your stance

Just after you have mastered anticipating the snap, practice attacking with crushing force at a single point on your opponent’s frame. As an example, to drive the defender straight back, concentrate on a middle point at the top of his numbers and push through it with all your might. Swiftly and decisively hit that point with everything in your body and spirit. Burst through that point like a freight train through a building. Don’t be afraid. Be decisive and forceful.

Tip 4 – Use short, controlled steps

When engaging and driving the defender back use brief, choppy steps whenever you drive them. That should help you stay balanced and maintain a consistent degree of power in your steps. Long steps will put you off-balance making it easier for the defender to manipulate you with their hands.

Tip 5 – Always keep your hands inside

You need to have command of the defender continually. This is achieved by keeping your hands inside your opponent’s shoulders. No matter whether or not you’re driving the defender to the left, right or in a straight line back you’ll want to have your hands inside at all times. They need to be placed firmly on the defender’s torso with the fingers in their armpits. This will help you manipulate the defender’s center of gravity and stop you from engaging in a bear-hug or holding.

Tip 6 – Keep low

Any superior offensive line coach will run you through the “shoots” relentlessly. This really is done to condition you to “stay low”. Why? Mainly because when you keep low, you’re able to be beneath and drive through an opponent’s center of gravity. This is so crucial and also a fundamental aspect of blocking (both the run and pass). The man who stands vertically will fail 99% of the time. Stay low. Your facemask should be in your opponent’s numbers.

Tip 7 – Remember to keep your head up at all times

The best approach to get beat by a good defender is usually to have your head down. You will be tempted to utilize it like a ram and shoot it straight forward but that is an enormous error. Your opponent will likely grab your shoulder pads, step towards the side and throw you out-of-the-way. This can be one of the most important guidelines within this list. Head up, always!

Tip 8 – Do not overextend your body

If you are used to taking major strides when blocking or playing with your head down then you probably often “overextend” your body. This happens any time you have a lot of body weight tilting forward. I know, we’ve stated “be aggressive” and you should “crush” your opponent but you must do it in a controlled approach. Being a lineman (or any routine blocker) is like being a samurai warrior: you must attack using a disciplined manner and with superb balance. The warrior without balance is really a reed in the breeze in a position to fall down.

Tip 9 – Drive through your opponent

Whenever you initially engage the defender it is good to think that they must be several yards back, so push them where they belong. Don’t just “engage” the other person. Push through their body like they’re a ghost. See through your opponent and push through them straight back to where they actually belong: back in the defensive backfield.

Tip 10 – Finish your opponent

Do not forget these words well: “The play is not finished till the whistle blows”. I know chances are you’ll see other players stop halfway through the play and dog it, but it’s best to under no circumstances engage in such patterns. Why? Because it is a missed opportunity. Odds are, you’re going to be competing with the exact same guy all game. Every play can be an opportunity to demoralize and intimidate your opponent. You want them to quit. So, regardless of exactly where they may be, regardless of how far along the play has gone you keep blocking them. Nonstop. Never quit. It’ll pay off by the end as your adversary becomes tired and stops wanting to compete with you. After that your work shall be a lot less complicated. Some hustle during the 1st two quarters can get you a significantly weaker challenger during the latter two quarters. Be persistent. Never give up!

There you go! Finally, get on the practice field and/or in the workout center and improve these strategies relentlessly. Fight, fight, fight to understand all of these tips and you will be going down the road to football run blocking domination. Don’t forget, do not ever quit!